Inside each of our students is a story waiting to unfold. And at SFA, we know every student is capable of shaping a level of success—in school and life. But not every student has had a fair chance to see it. So, we’re partnering with schools across the nation, leveraging the proven power of tutoring relationships to help students unlock their potential.

Our staff has supported thousands of students through our model with consistent, personalized, in-school-day math and reading tutoring. And rigorous research shows it works. Not only to raise math and reading scores but to foster the confidence and sense of belonging that underpin all academic success. With SFA, students can go deeper, teachers can move faster, and families can dream bigger.

The impact of continuous improvement, Scholars First Academies is becoming a trusted leader in school improvement and achievement; we offer consulting services, math and reading tutoring. And to ensure any student in any school can benefit from all we know and continue to learn, we offer a suite of tools that any school or educator can access for free. Because we believe when every student has access to a relationship that helps them see their potential, every student can achieve it. And envision a new story, for their school, for their community.

Our Vision

Scholars First Academies will help eradicate educational inequity by becoming a leader working with educators to envision a new story where the power of personal relationships nurtures academic, social, and emotional growth for young people.

Our Mission

Scholars First Academies serves historically under-served young people through personalized, consistent, caring, and best-in-the-world tutorials that result in youth increasing confidence and academic strength so that they see, pursue and realize their grandest dreams.

We offer tutoring services in core academics to clients who are recommended to us by our community partners. We believe in and advocate for life-long learning, which means we welcome clients from various backgrounds. Clients can be either enrolled or hoping to enroll in school or wish to get assistance in building skills to join the workforce.